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Effective Communication Empowered With Voice Enabled Artificial Intelligence

VIVI is a conversational AI Assistant platform for 24/7 customer Support, Sales & Lead Generation, Order Processing, Appointment Bookings & Surveys.

An omni channel AI Voice Assistant which works on the telephony channel, web and mobile platforms.

VIVI - Unified AI Voice Assistant Support

In recent times with the evolution in speech technology and the exponential increase in voice searches over the internet, organizations have integrated their businesses with chatbots to communicate effectively with their customers or prospective clients. Companies around the globe want to engage with their customers without any delay because customer service is one of the top priorities of the organizations. If they will not be responsive to their customers, there is a risk of losing potential clients.

So, in order to prevent you from situations like these, GoVivace has developed a Conversational AI Assistant VIVI, which is based on our patented voice technology.

This smart voice-enabled bot can handle most of the communication without Human intervention. The aim of this voice enabled virtual assistant is to help companies by saving costs and significant time.

Call Centers




Corporates and Retails


one conversational AI virtual assistant for all your business requirements

Generate Leads & Sales Or Book Appointments in Minutes from websites, apps and telephony channel.

At least 70% to 90% of calls end in either a refusal or a request to call back, which is a waste of agents’ time. Thus, such work can be shifted to VIVI, a AI virtual assistant which will handle all communication and redirect only customers interested in the offer to the live agent/staff. In this case, there will be 10-30% of useful calls with 247 support.

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An offer is adjusted to this client; specialists model a voice dialogue scenario (ranging from 10 to 20 response options) and record an audio track. The best possible AI virtual assistant is the one sounding like a human being so that customers have no idea they are talking to the machine.

24/7 Customer Service and Support

VIVI is able to replace answering machines, IVRs, and first-line technical support asking standard questions. VIVI can rapidly pick up the phone and answer a call. In particular, it can ask the name and reason for the request, specify the way how a person is registered in the system using Govivace Voice Biometrics Solution, provide him with all required service and support and then redirect the call to a live agent only if required.

Voice Notifications/Alerts to Customers

Companies have been sending voice notifications to customers for decades. Talking to VIVI, customers feel secure in conversation. Firstly, three times as much information can be rendered using a voice at the cost of SMS. Secondly, a text message is paid regardless of the result, while the value of VIVI services is estimated at the number of notifications listened to by users.

Voice Enabled Surveys with Ease

A survey with closed questions requiring affirmative or negative answers can be easily automated. A common call center needs a month to complete this task, while VIVI is able to accomplish this in a day. VIVI can also process open questions.

VIVI - AI Omnichannel Conversational Assistant

VIVI Demos

VIVI’s Conversational Analytics Platform

Web analytics and predictive analytics show customer behavior insights, “but how do we know customers are having a great customer experience (CX) and have high customer satisfaction (CSAT)?”


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