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VIVI – A Voice-Enabled AI-Driven Virtual Assistant


In recent times with the evolution in speech technology and the exponential increase in voice searches over the internet, organizations have integrated their businesses with chatbots to communicate effectively with their customers or prospective clients. Companies around the globe want to engage with their customers without any delay because customer service is one of the top priorities of the organizations. If they will not be responsive to their customers, there is a risk of losing potential clients.

So, in order to prevent you from situations like these, GoVivace has developed a Conversational AI voice bot, which is based on our patented voice technology.

Smart voice enabled chatbot

This smart voice-enabled bot can handle most of the communication without Human intervention. The aim of this voice bot is to help companies by saving costs and significant time.

This voice bot can help you in handling both inbound and outbound campaigns.

  • The inbound campaign usually starts with the identification of the motive of the call. It can also authenticate the user by verifying their identity through their voice using our Voice Biometrics Solution and can notify if there is something suspicious or a possibility of fraud. Our Chatbot can process all this information and provide accurate information to the user or forward the query to the human agent for seamless communication between the organization and the customer.
  • In an outbound campaign, it could conduct surveys and gather data in a fully automated or human-assisted manner, helping you achieve your goals quickly. The truth is, 90% of outbound calls are inefficient in call centers; for instance, a person is busy talking or not interested in the offer, etc. and all these cases can be easily excluded from the human effort by handing them off to our voice-enabled chatbot. Voice-enabled chatbots can handle 90% of telephone communication very effectively, which will enhance business efficiency and availability and improve customer satisfaction with high availability.

Overall, this smart voice-enabled chatbot can efficiently communicate with your customers without much need for human intervention and provides the best customer service in any organization and industry.

voice-enabled chatbot

Employ our smart voice-enabled chatbot assistant in your organization and serve your customers with the best in class customer service.

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VIVI’s Conversational Analytics Platform

Web analytics and predictive analytics show customer behavior insights, “but how do we know customers are having a great customer experience (CX) and have high customer satisfaction (CSAT)?”

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