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Language Identification

Language Identification

Identifying the spoken language on any digital communication medium just got easier.

GoVivace offers a Language Identification solution that can quickly determine the language being spoken just by listening in.

Language identification has its uses in the commercial world and in the defense/security areas. Integrating the language identification engine with a third party application like a call center solution or a telephone line monitoring system allows the analysis of calls being made for language.

By serving as a language identifier, GoVivace’s Language Identification solution can help defense and security establishments monitor their telephone services. After analyzing the network traffic for languages spoken, it can even generate statistics about the nationalities of, and the languages spoken by individuals who are using the call infrastructure.

Integrating the GoVivace Language Identification solution with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system can help identify the language being spoken, and the routing of calls to human operators speaking the caller’s language or to the IVR option in that language, or even to other solutions such as keyword spotting or speech to text.

Integrating the GoVivace Language Identification solution with IVR systems can enhance their customer or caller appeal, the convenience factor and efficiency. A key selling point of IVR systems empowered with the GoVivace Language Identification solution is they can eliminate the question first asked of callers, “Press 1 to continue in English, 2 for French, 3 for German…,” and get to the point faster, thereby reducing customer frustration and enhancing satisfaction levels.

The GoVivace’s Language Identification solution can perform a number of additional tasks needing a mechanical language detector, such as the indexing and searching of speech archives by language, power web servers designed to search audio files by language, and analyze and generate statistics pertaining to spoken language on multilingual mass media content.

The GoVivace Language Identification Solution is available in both 32 and 64 bit versions for Linux, Windows and Mac platforms. A minimum of 4GB of RAM and 2.0GHz processor is recommended.