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Company.Speech creates customized speech engine for organizations

Govivace offers company.speech solution which is a cloud-based deep learning customizable speech server for organizations with published API.

Speech is the future of customer interactions, and if you’re not using it now in your contact centers, on devices, and in your applications, you will be soon. Most people don’t know that speech recognition is separate from the natural language understanding that you know well from devices like Alexa, Home, Siri, etc.  The speech recognition takes your utterances and turns them into actionable text for the AI engine, or the Contact Center system.  Once your company decides to deploy a voice initiated offering, choosing the speech vendor, getting the best price, and getting the language models and grammars tuned to the language and vocabulary that your company uses, is a long, long process.GoVivace Inc., a decade-old speech technologies company that currently powers millions of speech interactions for *511 in Los Angeles County, Orange County, and the State of Florida, to name a few, has created an offering for companies that know that speech is in their future, and when they decide to pull the trigger, they don’t want to wait a year to execute. Called “Company.Speech”, GoVivace will create a highly customized speech engine with a published API and put it in your private cloud so that any and all of your vendors who need speech, already have that resource available to them.

Check out our Company.Speech video here.