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Voice Biometrics – Speaker Verification

Speaker verification solution with voice biometrics

We offer a Speaker Verification solution based on our patented Voice Biometric technology.

Speaker verification involves verifying that persons are who they claim to be, merely on the basis of their voice.

Verification is assuming greater importance in today’s fraud-ridden business environment, as a means to ascertain whether individuals are who they claim to be. Individuals can be verified by what they are, or what they have, or what they know. “What they have” could denote a special device given to the user, such as a hardware lock or key, “what they know” could be a password. Since “what they have” and “what they know” are considered items that can be stolen, “what they are” is given greater importance as an authentication system based on voice biometrics voice-based authenticating factor.

Fingerprints and iris scans, the most common uses of “what they are,” are considered reliable biometrics and IDs because they are unique and difficult to change. However, these methods cannot be used in scenarios where only the voice of the person is available. Speaker verification solutions can also come in handy in face-to-face scenarios where multi-authentication is required.

GoVivace’s Speaker Verification software uses Voice Biometrics as a password. The caller or person presenting for the face-to-face security check is prompted to say a fixed phrase. This “live” sample is compared with a stored voiceprint of the same words. The solution will accept or reject the identity of the speaker and display the results on the agent’s screen for them to make an informed decision.

The Speaker Verification software solution is capable of reliably comparing the “live voice samples” with very small voice prints—less than one kilobyte in size and typically 30 to 45 seconds long. This contains the size of the caller profile database and hence the cost of storage. New speaker enrollment can be initiated or updated at any time. If needed, this technology can be layered with Automatic Speech Recognition technologies for more authentic verification.

Financial institutions, banks, e-commerce and healthcare industries are some industries which can benefit from GoVivace’s online Speaker Verification software solution. Voice authentication is a valuable second-line security check. These industries can add speaker verification with standard security questions, which performs checks that are mandated prior to accepting verbal orders for financial transactions and transactions involving the sharing of personal information and this can significantly bring down occurrences of fraud and leaked information respectively.

The GoVivace’s Speaker Verification solution is available in both 32 and 64-bit versions for Linux, Windows, and Mac platforms. A minimum of 4GB of RAM and a 2.0GHz processor is recommended.

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