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Speech to Text Software (Audio Transcription)

Speech to Text Software for Audio Transcription

Our Speech to Text engine is the most advanced solution that is based on GoVivace’s patented technology and converts speech to text online.

Converting audio to text manually is painstaking and time-consuming task unless, but necessary if you wish to perform any automated analysis of the text. To ease of this tedious task, speech engineers at GoVivace Inc. has developed a Speech to Text engine, which is an accurate and versatile product for converting voice to text for professional users, which is also known as Speech to Text Transcription Software.  

This is one of the Best Speech to Text software which has been designed for enterprises and professional users needing to convert speech to text online or transcribe audio on a real-time basis. This transcription software to convert audio to text, allows you to speak or upload a pre-recorded audio and/or video files online to the server, accessed by a unique user key, which accurately and quickly converts voice to text. The speech to text software also provides timestamps and confidence scores for each word so that you can easily identify the audio in the original recording by searching for the particular keyword.

It also provides you with the pre-installed grammars or custom grammars on API so that you can optimize them as per the business requirements such as for IVR telephony or voice commands for different industry and enterprise services.

Through a WebSocket and REST API, this speech to text online service can be integrated into applications for websites, desktops, androids, tablets, telephony(IVR), and enterprises such as customer contact centers. We provide you with the Software Developer Kit (SDK) library which will connect to our WebSocket based server with bidirectional streaming to use the software as a service(SaaS) or on-premise service deployment.

Our focus is to deliver a simple and cost-effective way to transform Speech to Text by utilizing the Govivace’s patented speech technology and best speech transcription software for business compatible with the widest array of devices and to provide the best speech to text software. Utilize this engine powered by speech recognition technology to overcome voice recognition barriers such as language, accent, vocabulary, and background noise. Our voice recognition technology combines multiple speech factors to produce text output. Customers can customize APIs according to their needs and available data.

The GoVivace’s Speech to Text online service is available on 32 or 64-bit versions for Linux, Windows, and Mac platforms. A minimum of 4GB of RAM and a 2.0GHz processor is recommended.

What can you use this for?

  • To build applications that convert voicemail into an email
  • To add new dimensions to the apps of the entertainment industry that accepts voice command
  • To develop medical transcriptions
  • To integrate with live dictation systems and e-learning applications
  • To deploy an online speech recognition service for enterprises or call centers
  • To provide a uniform speech interface  across websites, desktops, tablets, and androids

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