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Speech to Text (Audio Transcription)

speech to text solution for audio transcription

Our Speech to Text engine is the most advanced solution for converting speech and recorded voice/audio to written text(transcription).

This has been designed for professional users needing to transcribe speech or audio in real-time. The technology behind this service works through voice recognition and/or allows you to speak or upload audio/video files online which quickly receives a transcript in text format.

We have built an enviable reputation as the preferred provider of audio transcription services. We provide you with a  websocket based server with bidirectional streaming to use the software as a service or on-premise deployment. Our focus is to deliver a simple, cost-effective way to transform speech to text by utilizing the latest transcription technology compatible with the widest array of devices.

The GoVivace’s Speech to Text engine is available in both 32 and 64-bit versions for Linux, Windows, and Mac platforms. A minimum of 4GB of RAM and a 2.0GHz processor is recommended.

Why choose us?

  •      –  To build applications that convert voicemail into an email
  •      –  To add new dimensions to the apps of the entertainment industry that accepts voice command
  •      –  To develop medical transcription.
  •      –  To integrate with live dictation systems and e-learning applications.
  •      –  Can be used as an online service because of the availability of the REST interface.
  •      –  Compatible and available for websites, desktops, tablets, and androids.