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Keyword Spotting & Call Monitoring

Keyword Identification software

GoVivace’s patented Keyword Spotting solution monitors the quality of calls in a customer contact center.

Ascertaining that call center agents are adhering to customer service protocols has never been easier. The GoVivace’s Keyword Spotting solution works by enabling Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) teams to detect the presence (or absence) of certain keywords in recorded conversations between call center agents and customers. For example, a business might want to check that agents are ending calls with a courteous “Thank you for calling.” Instead of playing back the recording of each call or listening in on live calls, QA/QC teams using GoVivace’s Keyword Recognition software need only to specify the keywords to check for, and use the solution to monitor the call recordings. The solution will return entries where the keywords are missing (or present, as is specified). QA/QC teams can further enhance the review speed by automating which part of the recording to search for the keyword, such as the last ten seconds for the keyword “Thank You”.

Industry estimates show that keyword identification in speech can enhance the speed of review by five to eight times, thus significantly improving the efficiency of call monitoring teams. GoVivace’s Keyword Identification solution is must-have technology today when customer expectations of service have increased exponentially, putting a greater demand on quality control teams.

The GoVivace’s patented Keyword Spotting is a versatile technology, which lends itself to different uses in different industries. In the financial industry, for instance, keyword spotting solutions can help log customers, verbal orders to buy or sell shares. Customers calling in can be prompted to reply “Yes” or “No” in response to being asked whether to buy or sell. A keyword spotting solution could track these activities and generate the necessary activity logs.

Since speech recognition technology forms the core of keyword spotting, this keyword identification in speech solution can also be used to build content based indexes of audio archives for intelligence and business applications. Specified keywords become the content to index and lookup.

The GoVivace’s Keyword Spotting and Call Monitoring Solution is available in both 32 and 64-bit versions for Linux, Windows, and Mac platforms. A minimum of 4GB of RAM and a 2.0GHz processor is recommended.

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