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    • Automatic Subtitling With Speech Recognition
      Thanks to the evolution of speech recognition technology, there’s an easier and faster way of converting speech into text—such as for generating transcripts of audio content. Machines can perform this time-consuming tedious job accurately and quickly.
      So who needs speech to text functionality? …Read more


    • How GoVivace’s Speech Recognition Helped The IBI Group Service
      511 services offer information ranging from today’s weather to “how soon will the L7 bus be here”. Today millions of travelers rely on 511 every month, to retrieve traffic updates, transit information and alternative solutions to their transportation needs. 511 is an integral part of what is a larger effort to create “Smart Cities” throughout the world. Currently, IBI Group is instrumental in …Read more


      • Preventing Financial Fraud Through Voice Biometrics
        In the internet age, loss of personal credentials through security breaches (such as the Target Data Breach in 2013) has become a common occurrence. This places individuals and financial institutions at an elevated risk of fraudulent activity. However, some of this activity may be stopped in its tracks by employing additional voice biometrics. Consider the case when a user calls …Read more


    • Voice-Enable Your Mobile App To Enable Hands-Free Usage
      Texting thumb is every smartphone user’s nightmare. All because mobile apps have invaded every facet of modern lives—socializing, shopping, banking, and so on. And, they promise to get still more versatile. Voice technology is predicted to power the next wave of mobile apps. Consider for example a grocery store shopping mobile app. What every smartphone owner could use is a voice-enabled version, …Read more



    • How Machine Learning and Signal Processing is transforming the Speech
      Big Data, higher compute capacities and GPUs and deep learning have had a transformative effect on the speech technologies of today. The transformation in technology has lead to accuracies that only rival humans. Obviously, the industry has moved to embrace the new technology and the effect is visible in contact centers across the globe. For instance, whenever we make a call to an enterprise or …Read more


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